About US

Poppy and Blake empowers women to embrace their unique size and shape and not force them to try and fit into a standard set of sizing measurements. We pride ourselves on being able to help women create a dress that makes them feel confident and beautiful. Our customers get the chance to design their dress exactly how they envisioned it, without compromise!


After working as a fashion designer and pattern maker for mainstream labels, Laura started making custom evening dresses. She began to realise that so many women were not a standard dress size.

"I really wanted to give my customers the custom made experience for an affordable price. So many women that I spoke to had found a design that they liked but just wanted to change a small detail, or the size in store didn't fit them exaclty right. That's when I came up with the idea of having a set of design options that my customers could pick and choose from and 'build' or 'design' their dress from start to finish"

That's when Laura realised if she had a base styles that already fitted perfectly she could easy alter the design details and size for each customer to continue to make custom dresses at an affordable price.


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