Dancing Queen

These dresses were originally made for my friend Haylee and I to wear to separate weddings but Brittany and Melody made them their own at this beautiful sunset shoot.

The orange dress I sewed for myself the morning of one of my best friends wedding, I took a hand needle and thread with me on the bus to the vineyard wedding and was completing the finishing touches whilst wearing it. The orange dress was based off the Sophie dress, which was made for my sister's 18th Birthday. The original Sophie dress was mini length, for this design I kept the lining at mini length but made the mesh floor length.

Haylee saw this fabric and loved it and when I showed her the royal blue that I also had in my workroom she asked my to make a dress for her in that fabric. 

The way the light shines through the sheer fabric and the contrasting colours and flares reminds me of a romantic 70's vibe. When Haylee was taking these photos I was trying to explain a photo I had seen when the model was standing in front of the sun and appear to glow, but these images that she captured are so much better than what I was imagining.

Laura McIntyre